Alliance Francaise French Film Festival 2019

This 30th Anniversary edition is set to be exceptional, with a 54- films line-up -the biggest yet for the Festival. Showcasing works from prodigies of French cinema (Yann Gonzalez, Mikhaël Hers, Coralie Fargeat, Jeanne Herry...) alongside those who inspired them (Claire Denis, Jean-Luc Godard, Olivier Assayas, Jacques Audiard), indulge in a voyage into the broad spectrum of French cinema. 

This upbeat and cheery celebration is also a breath of fresh air to French-Australian shared values: openness, diversity, and awareness. Opening to other cultures and international talents, this year’s dynamic selection delivers a broad and diverse vision of contemporary issues, such as social justice, gender equality or ecology. Sometimes with a quirky take (I Feel Good, The Summer House, Dilili in Paris, Revenge), sometimes with an accurate and well documented approach (At War, Wine Calling) and sometimes by crossing the border (Keep Going, The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir, Girl).

Come and join the joyous celebration of this 30th anniversary with the 54 unique presents it has to offer!

Download a printable program here

Alliance Francaise French Film Festival 2019 - Closing Night Film | Kiss & Tell M
Thursday 18 April | SPECIAL EVENT: Closing Night | Kiss & Tell | from 6.30pm, EASTEND
FFF19 Family Photo M From: Mar 21, 2019
In this hilarious, yet touching tale, the passing of their grandfather forces three very different siblings to grudgingly reunite with their long-separated parents.
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FFF19 Who You Think I am MA15 From: Mar 21, 2019
Recently single 50ish Claire impulsively creates a fictional Facebook profile posing as a much younger woman. What seems like fun takes her to dangerous territory.
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FFF19 One Nation, One King MA15 From: Mar 21, 2019
As opposition grows against King Louis XVI and rioters take to the streets, a young couple, Françoise and Basile, begin to realise their dreams of emancipation.
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FFF19 In Your Hands M From: Mar 21, 2019
Mathieu, a housing project kid who is falling into petty theft, crosses paths with Pierre, director of a prestigious music conservatory, who hears him playing piano.
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FFF19 Amanda MA15 From: Mar 21, 2019
David, a carefree 20-something in the throes of a new romance, is unexpectedly forced to assume the guardianship of his 7 year-old niece, Amanda.
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FFF19 The Summer House M From: Mar 21, 2019
With her daughter in tow, Anna heads to her family’s Riviera estate to escape the frantic pace of Paris and work on her latest screenplay.
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FFF19 I Feel Good M From: Mar 21, 2019
Jacques, an unstable ne’er-do-well with perennial delusions of grandeur, reappears in the life of his long-suffering sister, in a crazy plan to make them both rich.
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FFF19 Claire Darling M From: Mar 21, 2019
Reclusive millionaire Claire impulsively decides to sell all her possessions, echoes of her tragic and flamboyant life, on the front lawn of her mansion.
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FFF19 Sink or Swim M From: Mar 21, 2019
A group of middle age men discover fresh self-esteem and a new purpose when they form their local pool’s first-ever all-male, synchronized swimming team.
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FFF19 Sorry Angel  MA15 From: Mar 21, 2019
Memory, longing and regret linger throughout this romantic drama set in early 90s Paris.
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