Art on Screen

Exhibition on Screen ENCORE: Frida Kahlo Book Tickets E From: Mar 11, 2022
We might think we already know Frida Kahlo – but what lies beneath the surface of this intensely passionate woman?
Exhibition on Screen ENCORE: Easter in Art Book Tickets E From: Apr 8, 2022
Exhibition on Screen: Easter in Art | The story of Christ’s death and resurrection has dominated western culture for the past 2000 years.
Exhibition on Screen: Pissarro Book Tickets E From: May 27, 2022
Without Camille Pissarro, there is no Impressionist movement. He is rightfully known as the father of Impressionism.
Exhibition on Screen: Canaletto & Art of Venice Book Tickets E From: Jul 15, 2022
An immersive journey into the life and art of Venice’s famous view-painter - Canaletto.