German Film Festival 2021

Palace in association with German Films is pleased to present this signature event for German culture celebrating one of Europe’s most prolific filmmaking nations. With a broad range of box office hits, feel-good comedies and award-winning dramas straight from the Berlinale, the festival wants to amuse, inspire and entertain. Screening additionally productions from neighbouring German-speaking countries, the festival showcases the creativity and diversity of the region. Presented by cultural partner the Goethe-Institut, the festival includes the sidebar “Kino for Kids”, a special curated program dedicated to young audiences and families.

German Film Festival 2021 opening night (JUN 2) E18+
Straight from its world premiere at Berlinale, the directorial debut of actor Daniel Brühl, Next Door, will open the 2021 Festival. The opening night reception includes a glass of wine and German delicacies.
German Film Festival + Young at Heart special event (JUN 4) CTC
Join us for special screening with ‘Kaffee und Kuchen’: an afternoon with coffee and cake, a glass of sparkling wine and Feros Care popcorn before the screening of the delightful comedy Grandparenting 101.
German Film Festival 2021 special event (JUN 7) E18+
Join us to a special screening of Fabian: Going to the Dogs. Preceded by an introduction, the film will screen in two parts with intermission. Refreshing and stimulating cocktails by Club-Mate will be served in the break.
German Film Festival: Focus on Fassbinder (JUN 10) M
Celebrating the 40th anniversary of its release and presented in a glorious 4K restoration, Fassbinder’s sumptuous Lola is a wonderfully satirical tribute to capitalism and the third of the prolific auteur’s thematic Bundesrepublik Deutschland trilogy.
German Film Festival 2021 closing night (JUN 20) E18+
As it’s time to say auf Wiedersehen we celebrate the closing of the Festival with beer and pretzel in hand before the screening of the contemporary take on Alfred Döblin's Weimar-era novel Berlin Alexanderplatz.
GFF21 Madison: A Fast Friendship ALL AGES From: Apr 2, 2021
When the cycling-obsessed 13-year-old Madison has to unwillingly swap her racing bike for a mountain bike in the Alps, things go haywire in this sporting adventure.
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GFF21 Max + The Wild Bunch ALL AGES From: Apr 2, 2021
When nine-year-old Max moves to a senior residence with his mother, he is caught up in an exciting investigation, together with the three nursing home residents of Table7
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GFF21 A Voluntary Year E15+ From: Apr 2, 2021
Jette (Maj-Britt Klenke), a recent high-school graduate, is on her way to the airport to start a year of volunteer work in Central America. Her overbearing father Urs (Se
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GFF21 Dream Factory E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
A love letter to East Germany’s DEFA film studios, Dream Factory is a magical and endearing love story of a young actor and dancer torn apart by political events.
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GFF21 Berlin Alexanderplatz E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
A slick modern adaptation of Alfred Döblin's influential 1929 novel of the same name, Berlin Alexanderplatz follows an undocumented immigrant from West Africa on a dark o
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GFF21 Backstage Vienna State Opera ALL AGES From: Jun 2, 2021
A fascinating behind-the-scenes look at cultural institution the Vienna State Opera, portraying the variety of often invisible work that enables the world-renowned singer
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GFF21 Berlin Bouncer E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
Berlin Bouncer tells the story of Berlin - from a divided city to the party metropolis of today - through the eyes of its most legendary doormen.
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GFF21 Dear Mr. Führer ALL AGES From: Jun 2, 2021
After fleeing Munich with his mother shortly before the end of the war, Felix befriends the son of a loyal National Socialist in this coming-of-age war drama about growin
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GFF21 Electric Girl E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
Reality and fiction intertwine in Electric Girl, a high energy blend of animation and psychological study, in which a slam poet begins to embody the Japanese anime superh
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GFF21 Enfant Terrible E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
A provocative and uncompromising biopic that looks at the intense short life and excesses of iconic New German Cinema auteur Rainer Werner Fassbinder - featuring a brilli
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GFF21 Exile E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
Cultural and psychological tensions, claustrophobically observed in the workplace and at home, come to a head in Visar Morina’s enthralling thriller about one man’s ident
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GFF21 Fabian: Going to the Dogs E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
In early 1930s Berlin, a dashing idealist played by Tom Schilling finds love amidst the twilight hedonism of pre-Nazi Germany, in this adaptation of Erich Kästner's iconi
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GFF21 Free Country E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
In a recently reunified Germany, two detectives investigate the disappearance of teen sisters in a remote town, where it seems like everyone has something to hide.
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GFF21 God, You're Such a Prick E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
16-year-old Steffi who has been diagnosed with cancer decides to enjoy the time she has left by embarking on a road-trip while her parents (played by Heike Makatsch and T
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GFF21 Grandparenting 101 CTC From: Jun 2, 2021
Heiner Lauterbach, Barbara Sukowa and Maren Kroymann star in this charming comedy as grandparents for hire who plunge their lives into chaos to escape their monotonous re
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GFF21 How I Taught Myself to be a Child E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
In conservative 1950s Vienna the youngest son of an established Austrian dynasty of confectionery millionaires discovers the power of love, humour and his own extraordina
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GFF21 I'm Your Man E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
A beguiling fusion of modern romance and futurism, Maria Schrader’s romantic comedy questions what it means to be human, as a scientist agrees to live with a humanoid rob
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GFF21 It's For Your Own Good CTC From: Jun 2, 2021
Heiner Lauterbach, Jürgen Vogel and Hilmi Sözer star in this feel-good comedy as three fathers who make a pact to save their daughters from their boyfriends.
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GFF21 Lola M From: Jun 2, 2021
Celebrating its 40th anniversary with a glorious 4K restoration, Fassbinder’s Lola follows a seductive cabaret singer in her outrageous quest to elevate herself in a worl
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GFF21 Next Door E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
In this darkly comic skewering of celebrity and privilege, Daniel Brühl (Goodbye Lenin) plays a famous actor whose day gets completely railroaded by a stranger with ulter
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GFF21 Nightlife E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
One man’s romantic encounter with the woman of his dreams turns into a crazy chase through the Berlin night in wild comedy Nightlife, starring Elyas M’Barek and Palina Ro
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GFF21 Oskar & Lilli. Where No One Knows Us E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
A bittersweet odyssey about the many ways of perceiving the world in order to survive, two Chechen refugee children - separated from their mother - try to avert their thr
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GFF21 The Audition E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
A meticulously arranged visual concerto from acclaimed German actor/director Ina Weisse, this gripping drama stars Nina Hoss as a woman trapped in the pursuit of success.
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GFF21 The Bra E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
Told without dialogue but full of poetry, The Bra is an unconventional Cinderella story set in scenic Azerbaijan where a lovable train driver stumbles upon not a crystal
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GFF21 The Collini Case E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
A thrilling drama about a major judicial scandal in the German justice system, Elyas M’Barek stars as a young defence lawyer who unearths a vast conspiracy while investig
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GFF21 The Kangaroo Chronicles E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
A hilarious adaptation of the best-selling book The Kangaroo Chronicles, written by Marc-Uwe Kling, this comedy revolves around a mediocre musician and a communist Kangar
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GFF21 The Peppercorns & The Secret of the Deep Sea ALL AGES From: Jun 2, 2021
An exciting adventure with a strong environmental message, five young sleuths become embroiled in an eco-conspiracy in their search for a missing oceanographer.
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GFF21 The Perfect Secret E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
An evening among friends escalates when all phones are put on the table at dinner and secrets cannot be hidden in this biting German box office hit featuring a unique all
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GFF21 The Space Between the Lines E18+ From: Jun 2, 2021
Based on a bestselling novel, this epistolary cyber romance is a thoughtful look at the nature of human relationships, starring Nora Tschirner and Alexander Fehling.
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