Greek Film Festival 2018

The Greek Film Festival returns to Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas showcasing contemporary Greek Cinema with a stellar program of films. The 2018 event sees the Greek Film Festival celebrate 25 years of bringing Greek Cinema to Australian audiences.

Delphi Bank Greek Film Festival 2018 Opening Night MA15
Thurs 11 Oct | GFF Opening Night: The Last Note - 6pm, EASTEND. Join the myriad of Greek cinema lovers and feel the vibe at this year’s launch with the opening blockbuster film, ‘The Last Note’, by Pantelis Voulgaris including pre-screening drinks.
GFF18 The Last Note MA15 From: Oct 11, 2018
The execution of 200 Greek resistance fighters and Communists by the German occupiers on May 1st, 1944 in Kaisariani, as reprisal for the Greek Resistance.
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GFF18 Happy Birthday MA15 From: Oct 12, 2018
A George and his wife Sofia with their daugher Margarita retreat to a country house to protect their family and salvage their relationship.
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GFF18 Rosemarie MA15 From: Oct 13, 2018
A burned out soap opera writer turns his gaze upon his dysfunctional neighbours, but gets more than the inspiration he bargained for.
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GFF18 The Bachelor 2 MA15 From: Oct 13, 2018
A long forgotten friend is getting ready to be married, so an opportunity for a bachelor party will not be missed by our beloved heroes.
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GFF18 Jamaica MA15 From: Oct 14, 2018
Akis and Timos, very close as young brothers but alienated in their adult routines, star in a moving, tender, optimistic and highly humorous film about brotherly love.
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