Spanish Film Festival 2019

Presented by Palace, the 2019 Moro Spanish Film Festival features 32 films from Spain and Latin America, including special presentations and events, innovative documentaries, and a spotlight on female directors.

Screening nationally in Australia from 16 April, the 22nd edition of the festival features two key programme strands:  New Spanish Cinema and Cine Latino.

Opening with Javier Fesser’s critically acclaimed Goya Award-winning box office smash hit CHAMPIONS, (Campeones), the festival will close with a digital restoration of the firecracker comedy WOMEN ON THE VERGE OF A NERVOUS BREAKDOWN (Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios), directed by leading Spanish auteur, Pedro Almodóvar, to celebrate the film’s 30th Anniversary.  THE REALM (El reino) will screen as Special Presentation in which acting heavyweight Antonio De la Torre is reunited with director Rodrigo Sorogoyen (May God Save Us, SFF17), for an award-winning political thriller.

The 2019 Moro Spanish Film Festival is a celebration of Spanish and Latino language, culture and cinema. Join us for music, tapas, and more at the various special events taking place at Eastend & Prospect. 

Spanish Film Festival Opening Night Fiesta - Champions Premiere M
Tuesday 23 April | OPENING NIGHT: Champions | From 6.30pm, EASTEND.
Cine Latino Special Event - Super Crazy Premiere MA15
Thursday 2 May | CINE LATINO SPECIAL EVENT: Super Crazy | From 6.15pm, EASTEND.
Moro Olive Oil Appreciation Session + Virgin & Extra: The Land of Olive Oil G
Thursday 9 May | SPANISH FILM FESTIVAL: Moro Olive Oil Appreciation Session + Virgin & Extra: The Land of Olive Oil | From 6.30pm, EASTEND.
Spanish Film Festival Closing Night - Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown M
Wednesday 15 May | SPANISH FILM FESTIVAL CLOSING NIGHT - Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown | From 6.45pm, EASTEND.
SPA19 70 Big Ones R18 From: Apr 18, 2019
70 Big Ones | A race against time that delivers barrel loads of suspense when a desperate mother goes up against two bank robbers to get money to save her daughter.
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SPA19 Champions M From: Apr 18, 2019
Champions | Starring Javier Gutiérrez as Marco, an ambitious and arrogant basketball coach forced to train a team of people with disabilities.
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SPA19 Florianopolis Dream R18 From: Apr 18, 2019
Florianopolis Dream | Ana Katz invites her audience to immerse themselves in the idyllic coastal scenery of Brazil as a middle-class family embarks on a holiday.
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SPA19 Looking for a Boyfriend for My Wife R18+ From: Apr 18, 2019
Looking for a Boyfriend... for My Wife | A heartfelt comedy conveying the importance of finding new reasons to fall in love.
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SPA19 The Realm R18+ From: Apr 18, 2019
The Realm | Antonio de la Torre gives another compelling performance in this unmissable hit political thriller which won major awards across Spain.
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SPA19 Common Blood R18 From: Apr 24, 2019
Common Blood | This Argentinian thriller features powerhouse performances from Óscar Martínez and Paulina García as it tells the story of a family shattered by loss.
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SPA19 Peret: The King of the Gypsy Rumba G From: Apr 25, 2019
Peret: The King of the Gypsy Rumba | Hailed as the “King of Rumba” for his fusion of flamenco song with Latin American rhythms.
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SPA19 My Masterpiece R18+ From: Apr 25, 2019
My Masterpiece | A comedy-thriller about the complex professional relationship of a cranky painter and a crafty gallery owner.
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SPA19 A March to Remember R18 From: Apr 25, 2019
A March to Remember| A recreation of real-life events that occurred in the city of Vitoria in 1976 where a dramatic confrontation resulted in the murder of five workers.
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SPA19 Break R18+ From: Apr 25, 2019
Break | Candid and contemporary with moments of profound intelligence Break is at once a dynamic comedy and tender drama that shines a refreshing light on middle age.
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SPA19 Ana by Day R18+ From: Apr 25, 2019
Ana by Day | When a doppelganger appears in the life of a dissatisfied woman, she takes this opportunity to escape and discover a new life.
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SPA19 Carmen & Lola R18+ From: Apr 25, 2019
Carmen & Lola | An empathetic portrayal of forbidden love in a repressive society that is altogether inspiring, necessary and beautiful.
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SPA19 Crime Wave M From: Apr 25, 2019
Crime Wave | This comedy-thriller stars Maribel Verdú as a well-to-do woman who is desperately trying to conceal the murder of her ex-husband at the hands of her son.
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SPA19 The Uncovering R18+ From: Apr 25, 2019
The Uncovering | Leonardo Sbaraglia and Jan Cornet star in this exciting thriller that follows one son’s desperate investigation into his father’s disappearance.
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SPA19 Love Beats R18+ From: Apr 25, 2019
Love Beats | After living in London, Edu returns home for his brother’s wedding, where he learns that sometimes it is from the most painful changes comes great reward.
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SPA19 Petra R18+ From: Apr 25, 2019
Petra | A complex, stunningly shot melodrama that mixes themes of parental responsibility, artistic authorship, sexual intrigue and revenge.
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SPA19 Rojo R18+ From: Apr 25, 2019
Rojo | This superbly sinister and stylish thriller lays bare the complacency and corruption of pre-coup Argentina.
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SPA19 The Projectionist R18+ From: Apr 25, 2019
The Projectionist | A lonely film projectionist plunges into an intense search of the Dominican Republic to locate the true identity of a woman he fell in love with.
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SPA19 The Good Girls MA15 From: Apr 25, 2019
The Good Girls | A gorgeously mounted and beautifully played feature that is at once a scathing and glamourous depiction of the wives of upper-class men in 1982 Mexico.
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SPA19 The Days to Come R18+ From: Apr 25, 2019
The Days to Come | The complicated experiences of a new couple grappling with parenthood, in a film loaded with euphoria, heartbreak, and everything in between.
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SPA19 Tremors R18+ From: Apr 25, 2019
Tremors | Guatemalan writer-director Jayro Bustamante’s moody feature presents the coming-out of one man in a profoundly repressive society.
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SPA19 The Quietude R18+ From: Apr 25, 2019
The Quietude | Director Pablo Trapero’s beautifully crafted multilayered drama explores the emotional ties that bind a wealthy Argentine family.
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SPA19 Hopelessly Devout R18 From: Apr 25, 2019
Hopelessly Devout | Director Marta Díaz de Lope Díaz’s debut sees a host of characters deliver a fresh and funny perspective on female empowerment in the church.
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SPA19 Yuli MA15 From: Apr 25, 2019
Yuli | The affirmative true story of the legendary Cuban dancer Carlos Acosta, the first black dancer to perform some of the most famous ballet roles.
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SPA19 Between Two Waters R18+ From: May 2, 2019
Between Two Waters | This striking and potent film merges reality and fiction as it reunites two brothers who have taken very different paths.
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SPA19 Super Crazy MA15 From: May 2, 2019
Super Crazy |Super Crazy boasts a lead performance bursting with energy and charisma from Natalia Oreiro as a woman who takes a remedy that makes her speak her mind.
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SPA19 The Accordionist's Son R18+ From: May 2, 2019
The Accordionist's Son |This drama tells the story of two men who are forced to face their dark past as part of the Basque separatist movement.
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SPA19 The Chambermaid R18+ From: May 2, 2019
The Chambermaid | Director Lila Avilés’ striking and compelling debut feature portrays the life of a chambermaid at a luxurious Mexico City hotel.
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SPA19 The Footballest G From: May 2, 2019
The Footballest | Mystery, laughs and soccer abound in this romping family adventure about a children’s soccer team who set out to save themselves from elimination.
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SPA19 The Longest Night R18+ From: May 2, 2019
The Longest Night | A bold and affecting feature debut about the real-world issues of human trafficking and the mafia which preys on the victims.
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SPA19 Virgin & Extra: The Land of Olive Oil G From: May 9, 2019
Virgin & Extra: The Land of Olive Oil | This delectable documentary explores the olive oil revolution in the stunning southern Spanish city of Jaén.
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SPA19 Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown M From: May 9, 2019
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown | This sexy romp about obsessive love helped launch the careers of Pedro Almodóvar and stars Carmen Maura and Antonio Banderas.
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