A Simple Favour

M 117 mins

About the film

Director: Paul Feig
Actors: Anna Kendrick, Blake Lively
Paul Feig, beloved creator of Freaks And Geeks, leaps out of his comfort zone and into a much darker place with A Simple Favor.

From the day they met, Stephanie (Anna Kendrick, Pitch Perfect) admired Emily (Blake Lively, The Shallows). Anna Kendrick stars as Stephanie Smothers, a perky young single mommy vlogger in Connecticut whose entire life revolves around her son Miles. She’s a quirky, awkward overachiever (so, you know, an Anna Kendrick type) who hasn’t always succeeded at making friends with the other parents. That all changes when she encounters Emily (Blake Lively), a gorgeous woman whose son Nicky is in Miles’ class. Emily seems to be everything Stephanie isn’t: self-assured, brashly confident, bold, and daring. They strike up an unpredictable friendship that goes south when, after asking Stephanie to watch her son after school one day, Emily disappears.

And Stephanie started asking questions. Questions whose answers reveal an Emily she never knew.

In adapting Darcey Bell's hit novel, Feig takes his knack for riveting conversations and memorable character work and puts them to a darker use than he ever has before. Stars Kendrick and Lively are two of the most versatile actresses of their generation. Together, they've crafted a chilly, unsettling mystery.

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