Ailo's Journey

About the film

Release Date: Nov 14, 2019
Rating: CTC
Runtime: 113 mins
Ailo’s Journey is a nature film shot in the breath-taking landscapes of Finnish Lapland. It presents the Nordic milieu and its wild animals in a way that has never been done before. The movie is a tale of a newborn reindeer and his first year that takes the nature documentary to a whole new level: all the scenes are created with real animals and there are neither human actors nor computer animation on screen.

French director Guillaume Maidatchevsky and his film crew worked in collaboration with Finnish production company Matila Röhr Productions who have created the nature documentaries Tale of a Forest (2012) and Tale of Lake (2016). However, the first Finn that the French crew got in touch with was animal trainer Tuire Kaimio whose 30-year experience in the field was key to making this film happen.

Various wild animals have been subtly directed to act certain scenes that were needed for the film. While the crew were already in filming stage the director also added a squirrel, in a humorous reference to Ice Age, as the creature had been curiously observing their work. The production was warmly welcomed in Lapland, and over the one and a half year shoot the crew got invaluable help from the local people. The director has said: “To be able to understand why we should protect nature, we must see what nature truly means.”

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