Anatomy of a Murder + Stalag 17

Anatomy of a Murder + Stalag 17

Anatomy of a Murder + Stalag 17

SPECIAL EVENTS MONDAY JUNE 13 at 6.30pm - James Stewart stars in Otto Preminger's controversial courtroom thriller plus Willaim Holden in one of Billy Wilder's best films. More info

MONDAY JUNE 13 at 6.30pm (Two great films for only $15.00)

James Stewart is an alcoholic, fly-by-the-seat-of-his-pants small town who takes on a difficult case in Otto Preminger’s controversial thriller with a terrific Duke Ellington score. Ben Gazzara plays an army lieutenant who murdered a local innkeeper after his wife (Lee Remick) claimed that he raped her.


William Holden in Billy Wilder’s film about American soldiers in a Nazi POW camp (run by Otto Preminger) looking for an informant. One of Billy Wilder’s (The Apartment, Some Like It Hot, Sunset Boulevard) most entertaining films.

Rating: M
Runtime: 280 mins
Director: Otto Preminger
Actors: James Stewart, Ben Gazzara, William Holden, Lee Remick

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