Beautiful Boy

MA15 120 mins

About the film

Release Date: Oct 25, 2018
Director: Felix Van Groeningen
Actors: Timothee Chalamet, Steve Carrell, Amy Ryan, Maura Tierney
Beautiful Boy, directed by Belgian director Felix van Groeningen (foreign-language Oscar nominee “Broken Circle Breakdown”) is a big, sprawling, emotional film starring Steve Carell and the undeniable, Timothée Chalamet (Call Me By Your Name).

The film is an adaptation from the twin memoirs by veteran journalist David Sheff and his son Nic, both of whom documented the drug addiction that gripped Nic in his teenage years and nearly destroyed the family.

Beautiful Boy tilts a bit more toward the parental perspective, emphasizing David’s pain and bafflement. Nic is still the son he adores, but the lust for drugs takes on a harrowing life of its own. Why he loves drugs so much? In Nic’s words, it turns his world from black-and-white to Technicolor.

Steve Carell and Timothée Chalamet give incredibly powerful performances as Nic’s path to recovery becomes circuitous and perilous, with David, his wife Karen (Maura Tierney) and Nic’s mother Vicki (Amy Ryan) wondering where they went wrong, and when they should pull their previously unconditional support. There is a constant seesaw between relapse and recovery and it’s sewn beautifully together with flashbacks to early happy memories of David and Nic’s journey life together.

Beautiful Boy is co-written by Van Groeningen and Luke Davies, the Aussie behind Lion and his inspired-by-truth novel Candy. Music is central to “Beautiful Boy” with additional melancholy thrown in for good measure from Bowie, Buckley, Nirvana and Neil Young with an eclectic score from Sigur Rós frontman Jónsi.

An emotionally charged and powerful film. Take the journey – it’s so worth it.

"Entirely authentic"
Owen Gleiberman, Variety

"Incredibly moving"
Katie Walsh, Nerdist

"One of the most essential films that could exist right now"
Matt Goldberg, Collider

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