Ben Is Back

M 103 mins

About the film

Release Date: Jan 31, 2019
Director: Peter Hedges
Actors: Julia Roberts, Lucas Hedges
From Academy Award Nominee Peter Hedges, Ben Is Back follows the titular Ben (brilliantly played by Peter Hedges son, Lucas Hedges), a 19 year-old drug-addict who unexpectedly returns to his family’s suburban home on Christmas Eve. Ben’s mother, Holly (Julia Roberts), is relieved and can’t help but welcome him home but is wary of her son staying clean. Can keep his promise? And even with 77 days of treatment behind him, can he stay clean? Over a turbulent 24 hours, new truths are revealed, and a mother’s undying love for her son is tested as she does everything in her power to keep him safe.

Through it all, Roberts runs a gamut of emotions that remind us of what a powerful actress she is.

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