Best F(r)iends

M 103 mins

About the film

Director: Justin MacGregor
Actors: Tommy Wiseau, Greg Sestero, Kristen Stephenson
It's the film that had to happen, honestly. Tommy Wiseau and Greg Sestero couldn't just give the world the so-bad-it's-amazing gift that is The Room and leave it at that — even if their disasterpiece became the basis for Sestero's ace behind-the-scenes book The Disaster Artist, and then the oh-so spot on movie adaptation of the same name.

No, this cinematic odd couple just had to make a second flick. Really, they had to. All those spoons thrown at cinema screens, all those screams of "you're tearing me apaaaaart!", all those "oh hi, doggy" comments: as The Room became a cult phenomenon over the past 15 years, we've all been praying to the deity that is Wiseau's long, greasy locks, and hoping that the world's most unlikely film star and his best friend would make another movie.

Well, they have, and it's called Best F(r)iends. It was written by Sestero but directed by someone other than Wiseau, so it might all make some kind of sense this time. Apparently inspired by a road trip the duo took just after they'd made The Room. The pair hatch a scheme that comes undone due to greed and jealousy, sparking a road trip as well as an exploration of friendship and loyalty. Switch out a few details, and it sounds a little like our favourite best worst film.

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