BFF20 Starfish

About the film

Release Date: Nov 10, 2020
Rating: E18+
Runtime: 101 mins
Director: Bill Clark
Actors: Joanne Froggatt, Michele Dotrice, Tom Riley

An incredible story of disease and domestic struggle, Starfish tells the story of a couple whose love is tested to its limit after their perfect life falls apart.

Based on the tragic true story of Tom Ray from Rutland, Tom (Tom Riley) lives an ‘ordinary’ life; he is a writer, a doting stay-at-home father to his daughter Grace (Ellie Copping) and loving husband to his pregnant wife Nicola (Joanne Froggatt, Downton  Abbey). When Tom is suddenly stuck down by the rare and debilitating disease sepsis, the family’s ordinary world is turned upside down.

Tom survives the life-threatening condition, but loses his hands, lower legs and part of his face. After waking up from a coma as an amputee, day-to-day life for Tom, Nicola and their children becomes an unimaginable struggle. Exploring the physical and psychological impact on Tom and his family, writer/director Bill Clark delivers a compassionate tale of hardship and survival.

A raw and emotional journey, Starfish is a sophisticated drama about the power of hope and unconditional love.

“Two compelling central performances and a direct approach make Starfish one of the most affecting British films of the year.” - Movie Review World

NOMINATED: The Michael Powell Award for Best British Feature Film, Edinburgh International Film Festival 2016

OFFICIAL SELECTION: Busan International Film Festival

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