C'est La Vie

M 115 mins

About the film

Release Date: Aug 16, 2018
Director: Éric Toledano
Actors: Gilles Lellouche, Jean-Paul Rouve, Jean-Pierre Bacri
Éric Toledano and Olivier Nakache,  the cowriters and codirectors behind the 2011 smash The Intouchables – are on top form here with a wedding-day zinger headed by the wonderful Jean-Pierre Bacri.  

C'est la vie! Takes place over one night and follows the most disorganised group of waiters, caterers, musicians, and one grouchy anti-technology photographer – as they orchestrate a sumptuous wedding at a 17th century chateau wedding for an ostentatious young tyro of French business and a few hundred of his absolute besties.

Charged with putting the show together and somehow side-stepping the entourage of impending disasters, is French film stalwart Jean-Pierre Bacri as the epically world-weary Max Angély.

Over a career spanning more than 30 years, Max has everything precisely organised but, as the celebrations get underway, Murphy’s Law takes over, and his perfectly planned occasion risks disintegrating into a chaotic farce.
Can Max and his team pull together to make Pierre and Héléna’s special day memorable for all the right reasons?

C'est la vie! is a carefully crafted, character-based rom-com loaded with witty zingers. A hypnotically jazzy soundtrack and top-notch ensemble cast – including Gilles Lellouche (The Connection) as the scene-stealing DJ James – seals the deal on what is shameless fun from go to whoa.

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