Days of the Bagnold Summer

About the film

Rating: M
Runtime: 86 mins
Actors: Alice Lowe, Rob Brydon, Earl Cave, Monica Dolan, Tasmin Greig
A funny and charming directorial debut from The Inbetweeners acting star Simon Bird, Days of the Bagnold Summer follows the idle summer of a mother and her teenage son.
Gangly fifteen-year-old Daniel Bagnold (Earl Cave) lives with his divorced mother Sue (Monica Dolan, Official Secrets BFF19) in an English suburb. Daniel, who would rather listen to Metallica than his librarian mother, can’t wait to spend his summer holiday with his father and his father’s new wife in Florida. When the trip is cancelled, Daniel and Sue, who have a strained relationship, face six long weeks together in the dull British suburbia.
Boasting a supporting cast including Rob Brydon (Swimming with Men BFF18), Alice Lowe and Tamsin Greig, Days of the Bagnold Summer paints a sympathetic portrait of single motherhood and is driven by excellent lead performances from Dolan and Cave. Adapted from Joff Winterhart's graphic novel of the same name and with a soundtrack by Scottish rock band Belle & Sebastian, Days of the Bagnold Summer is a sweet coming-of-age tale about the relationship between a mother and son.

"Thoroughly sweet-natured, charming and unassuming British film" -The Guardian

NOMINATED: Best Debut Screenwriter, British Independent Film Awards 2019.
NOMINATED: Variety Piazza Grande Award, Locarno International Film Festival 2019.

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