Dr. Who And The Daleks + Daleks' Invasion Earth 21

Dr. Who And The Daleks + Daleks' Invasion Earth 21

Dr. Who And The Daleks + Daleks' Invasion Earth 21

SPECIAL EVENTS The legendary Peter Cushing takes on the role of The Doctor in this 4K remastered double feature of the 1960's Doctor Who classic films! One session only! Take a Dalek selfie courtesy the Australian Dalek Builders. More info

Doctor Who double feature: Dr. Who And The Daleks + Daleks’ Invasion Earth 2150 A.D.


Ian, a clumsy young man, has a date with Barbara, an intelligent young woman.  He arrives at her house and meets her younger sister Susan and their grandfather Doctor Who.  The Doctor is an eccentric scientist who has invented the TARDIS, a machine which travels in time and space but looks like a police box.  When Ian trips and stumbles against the control panel, the TARDIS is activated and the four are transported across the universe to the planet Skaro, long since devastated by nuclear war. 

Wishing to take a look at a technologically advanced city that lies beyond a petrified forest, the Doctor claims that a vital component of the TARDIS is broken and that the only hope of finding a replacement is in the city.  The travellers encounter the Daleks, one faction of the people of Skaro, who have mutated since the war and live only in motorised metal casings.   The Daleks allow Susan to leave the city to secure a supply of an anti-radiation drug developed by their old enemies the Thals, who have remained human and become a pacifist tribe.  The Daleks hope to use Susan to persuade the Thals to come to their city, offering peace but intending to exterminate them. 

After escaping from the Daleks, the Doctor tries to stir the Thals into resisting the implacable creatures.  The party from Earth organise the Thals into an expeditionary force against the Dalek city, which is breached just as the Daleks start the countdown on a neutron bomb which will further irradiate the planet and kill off all non-Dalek lifeforms.  When Ian stops the countdown, feedback into the control system deactivates all the Daleks.  The Doctor and his companions bid farewell to the Thals and return to Earth in the TARDIS – however, they arrive in ancient times in front of an advancing Roman Army.


Police Constable Tom Campbell is assaulted by burglars intent on robbing a high street jeweller’s store and rushes to a police box to call for backup, but staggers into the TARDIS – the time machine invented by Doctor Who, who decides to avoid further trouble by travelling to the future.  The Doctor, his niece Louise and granddaughter Susan tell a recovered Tom what has happened, but he doesn’t believe it … until he leaves the TARDIS and finds London in ruins. 

In the year 2150 A.D., the Daleks – a hostile alien race from the planet Skaro – have conquered the Earth, transforming selected humans into zombie-like Robomen and conscripting many others as slave labour for a huge mining project in Bedfordshire.  The Doctor and Tom are captured and taken aboard a flying saucer, where the Daleks intend to turn them into Robomen.  Louise and Susan fall in with a faction of resistance fighters and stage a raid on the saucer in Sloane Square, saving the Doctor and Tom.  The human uprising is quashed when it turns out the Daleks are not vulnerable to a new type of bomb the rebels have developed.

Split into several parties, the time travellers and the surviving rebels make their way across the country, at peril from the Daleks and their human collaborators.  In the mining camp, the Doctor learns that the Daleks intent to extract the molten core of the Earth and turn the planet into a giant spaceship.  Sabotaging a Dalek bomb, the Doctor sets off a magnetic effect that destroys the Daleks, liberating the planet.  The TARDIS returns to the 20th century, a few minutes before they left – and Tom is able to thwart the jewel robbery.

Rating: PG
Runtime: 166 mins
Director: Gordon Flemyng
Actors: Bernard Cribbins, Jennie Linden, Peter Cushing, Roberta Tovey, Roy Castle

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