Dragon Rider

About the film

Release Date: Jan 1, 2021
Rating: PG
Runtime: 92 mins
Firedrake (Thomas Brodie Sangster), the young silver dragon, has had enough of constantly having to hide in a wooded valley. He wants to show the older generation that he is a real dragon. When humans are about to destroy his family’s very last refuge, Firedrake secretly sets off on an adventurous journey with forest brownie Sorrel (Felicity Jones) . He wants to find the “Rim of Heaven”, the dragons’ mysterious haven. On their quest Firedrake and Sorrel encounter Ben (Freddie Highmore), an orphan who claims to be a dragon rider. The unlikely trio must learn to pull together because they are being hunted by Nettlebrand (Sir Patrick Stewart) the dragon-eating monster, created by an alchemist with the aim of tracking down and destroying every dragon on Earth...

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