FFF19 Knife+Heart

R18+ 102 mins

About the film

Release Date: Mar 28, 2019
Director: Yann Gonzales
Actors: Nicolas Maury, Vanessa Paradis
Serving “as a backdrop for queer empowerment in what should be one of the hottest tickets for gay audiences” (Variety), the highly talented Yann Gonzales (You and the Night) propagates his predilection for the kitsch and kinky with the stunningly hyper-stylised and brutal Knife+Heart.
Gonzales transports us back to a heady summer in Paris, 1979, where French pop chanteuse Vanessa Paradis (Bright Weakness, AF FFF2018) plays a gay porn producer, Anne. Shunned by her girlfriend and editor, Loïs (Kate Moran, You and the Night), Anne is driven to regain Loïs’ love by shooting her most ambitious film yet. When one of the actors is brutally murdered, she finds herself implicated in a very strange and twisted investigation.
Despite its retro porn premise, Knife+Heart is far more bloody and gruesome than sexually explicit. As Hollywood Reporter so lyrically put it, “If Dario Argento, Brian De Palma and Kenneth Anger conceived a three-way love child while watching Cruising and listening to a Giorgio Moroder mix tape, the result would be something like Knife+Heart.”

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