FFF19 Our Happy Holiday

MA15 105 mins

About the film

Release Date: Apr 11, 2019
Coupled with his debut feature from 2016, Don’t Tell Her, Patrick Cassir firmly establishes his mantle as an accomplished maker of sassy, contemporary romantic comedies with the immensely witty and astute Our Happy Holiday.
Our Happy Holiday features Cassir’s co-writer on the film, Camille Chamoux (also in Dumped at this year’s Festival), as Marion, a 30-something woman who meets Ben through the miracle of Tinder and then impulsively commits to travel with him to Bulgaria. While Marion’s carefree spirit sees her thrive on adventure, Ben (Jonathan Cohen, Fly Me to the Moon, AF FFF2013) prefers the finer things in life, including five-star accommodation and picture-perfect ocean views. While pursuing the holiday of their dreams and wrangling the push-pull of their mismatched personalities, a trail of calamity is left across the Bulgarian countryside in their wake.
Heightened by an excellent supporting cast (the likes of Camille Cottin, Call My Agent, AF FFF2016; and Jérémie Elkaïm from the opening night film of AF FFF2012, Declaration of War), Our Happy Holiday goes beyond one-dimensional character clichés to present fully-rounded, relatable people, which makes the humour all the more pertinent. It’s a challenge not to fall in love with them, as well as this film.

English with French subtitles

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