FFF20 Someone, Somewhere

About the film

Release Date: Jul 14, 2020
Rating: M
Runtime: 110 mins
Director: Cédric Klapisch
Actors: Ana Girardot, François Civil, Camille Cottin
Writer/director Cédric Klapisch (Chinese Puzzle; L’Auberge Espagnole) takes the age-old story of strangers meeting and adds a contemporary twist, in a film starring his Back to Burgundy (AF FFF18) collaborators, Ana Girardot and François Civil.

For all the promise of intimacy that social media brings, for two thirty-something Parisians, it only adds to their sense of isolation and loneliness as they struggle to find deep, meaningful connections in the fast-paced bustle of networked urban living.

Girardot’s Mélanie is a scientist still recovering from a recent break-up, while her neighbour, Civil’s Rémy, works an unsatisfying job contending with repressed childhood trauma. Outside of their respective psychiatrists – played by François Berléand and Camille Cottin – despite living next door to each other, Mélanie and Rémy have never met. Will they look up from their screens long enough to see the possibilities that lie right in front of them?

Unlike the usual romantic comedies that start with a meet-cute and then depict the ups-and-downs that follow, Someone, Somewhere flips the equation towards (what we hope) will be the solution to both Mélanie and Rémy’s problems. This contemporary Parisian Sleepless in Seattle both sparks the imagination and warms the heart.

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