FFF21 Mandibles

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Rating: M
Runtime: 87 mins
The filmmaker who brought us a homicidal car tire (Rubber) and a man who murders for a jacket (Deerskin, AF FFF20) now delivers a tale of two dim-witted friends and one giant fly. Yes, the absurd comedy maestro Quentin Dupieux is back with another bonkers piece of filmmaking to tickle the funny bones of audiences who enjoy being perplexed in-between fits of laughter.

Loveable losers Jean-Gab and Manu (played by comedy duo David Marsais and Grégoire Ludig, who also appeared together in Max & Leon, AF FFF17) are best friends, but they aren’t the brightest sparks. When they chance upon a giant fly they figure that they should train it, go on a road trip and attempt to make money from it. Why not? The series of bewildering incidents that follow, resembles Dumb and Dumber if David Lynch and Tex Avery were co-directing.

Premiering at the Venice Film Festival, Mandibles sees Dupieux moving away from the dark humour that characterised his previous films, to deliver something more life affirming, in this very funny film that at its heart, is a sweet and sincere story about friendship. And a giant fly.

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