FFF21 Moving On

About the film

Release Date: Mar 23, 2021
Rating: E15+
Runtime: 88 mins
In this tender film about a teenage boy attempting to grow up, fall in love and fit in at a new school, nothing is what it seems. A coming-of-age story with a difference, Moving On is as imaginative as it is warm hearted.

Tom (emerging actor Thomas Guy) is 16-years-old and adores his older brother Léo (Benjamin Voisin, who also appears in this year’s festival in Summer of 85). Tom is shy, reserved and awkward so looks to Léo for guidance on how to become cool and “manly” in order to make friends and win the girl of his dreams. But while Léo initially seems like the ideal role model for Tom, a tragic event challenges the relationship between the brothers. If he can’t rely on Léo, how does Tom fend for himself?

The debut feature film by Benjamin Parent, whose award-winning 2012 short film It’s Not a Cowboy Movie established him as a major new talent, is a refreshing and uplifting take on the teen film, portraying adolescent masculinity with a delicate balance of good humour and empathy that will pull at the heartstrings

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