FFF21 Vicky and her Mystery

About the film

Release Date: Mar 23, 2021
Rating: ALL AGES
Runtime: 84 mins
The new film from the producers of the hugely successful and well-loved Belle & Sebastian films is another family-friendly adventure about the bond between child and animal. Taking its inspiration from real events, Vicky and Her Mystery is a heart-warming tale about a young girl and the very special attachment connection she forms with a wolf cub.

After losing her mother, 8-year-old Vicky (newcomer Shanna Keil) stops talking. Hoping for a fresh start, her father Stéphane (Vincent Elbaz, The Trouble with You, AF FFF19) moves them to a new home in the stunning mountain region of Canta in southeast-central France. When Vicky adopts Mystery, a wolf cub that she thinks is a dog, Stéphane has concerns about his daughter’s new companion, but soon realises that Vicky needs Mystery and much as Mystery needs her. However, keeping a wolf as a pet won’t be easy, especially as hunting season draws nearer.

With its breathtaking scenery and poignant themes about starting life anew, Vicky and Her Mystery will win over audiences of all ages with its story about a girl, her father and a wolf, and the powerful love that brings them all together.

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