Frenzy + Marnie

Frenzy + Marnie

Frenzy + Marnie

SPECIAL EVENTS MONDAY JUNE 6 at 6.30pm - Two of Alfred Hitchcock's later films - 'Frenzy' is considered his last great film and 'The Birds'' Tippi Hedren stars alongside Sean Connery. More info

MONDAY JUNE 6 at 6.30pm  (Two great films for only $15.00) 

Generally considered Alfred Hitchcock's last great film: a genuine thriller filled with dark humour, twists and sheer suspense. Hitch films in London after spending 22 years in the US - a London that is held in the grip of a serial killer whose modus operandi is to murder his victims by strangling them with a necktie.


Sean Connery marries a compulsive thief (The Birds’ Tippi Hedren) and tries to unlock the secrets of her mind in Hitchcock’s darkest, most controversial and complex film. When a terrible accident pushes his wife to the edge, Connery forces Marnie to confront her terrors and her past in a shattering inescapable conclusion.

Rating: M
Runtime: 246 mins
Director: Alfred Hitchcock
Actors: Sean Connery, Tippi Hedren

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