GER19 25km/h

MA15 117 mins

About the film

Release Date: May 30, 2019
Director: Markus Goller
Actors: Bjarne Mädel, Franka Potente, Lars Eidinger
Australian premiere

Adding to his resume of crowd-pleasers, including My Brother Simple (GER19) and Friendship!, comes director Markus Goller’s captivating road trip comedy that delves into the heart of brotherhood.
Estranged brothers Christian (Lars Eidinger) and Georg (Bjarne Mädel) haven’t seen each other in a long time. 20 years ago, Christian moved away for a manager position while George became a cabinet maker in their home town, caring for their father until his passing. Their father’s funeral reunites them, and at the wake, the two drunkenly decide to realise their boyhood dream of driving across Germany on their mopeds. So begins a journey from the Black Forrest to the Baltic Sea - never faster than 25 Km/h, but always full of sex, drugs & Ping Pong. From exciting highs to comically dramatic lows, their incredible adventures and encounters will reconnect the brothers and give them the opportunity to rediscover themselves.

"A real feel-good movie."
WINNER: Ernst Lubitsch Award 2019

German with English subtitles

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