GER19 Midnight Runner

R18+ 92 mins

About the film

Release Date: May 30, 2019
Director: Hannes Baumgartner
Actors: Annina Euling, Christophe Sermet, Max Hubacher, Saladin Dellers, Sylvie Rohrer
Australian premiere

Presented in the New Directors section at San Sebastián and at Zurich Film Festivals, Hannes Baumgartner’s acclaimed debut is a methodical portrait of toxic masculinity, inspired by the true story of the "midnight murderer" who made headlines in the 1990s.
In a captivating and unnerving performance, rising Swiss star Max Hubacher (also lead in The Captain) plays Jonas Widmer, one of the leading long-distance runners in Switzerland with an ambition to compete in the Olympics. Despite a difficult childhood and the recent suicide of his brother, Jonas is leading a successful life as a text-book overachiever: Besides racing, he is an aspiring chef and soon moving together with his girlfriend. However, when Jonas loses his title during a home race, a primordial desire that has long been meticulously and painfully kept at a distance simmers to the surface. Unable to put his emotional suffering into words, Jonas develops a double life morphing from dysfunctional into dangerous.

"An intensity that amazes and frightens." -

"In his impressive and oppressive debut film Hannes Baumgartner dares an unstoppable, precise run into the abyss."

WINNER: Best Film, Zurich Film Awards 2018
NOMINATED: New Directors Award, San Sebastián International Film Festival 2018
NOMINATED: Best Film, Best Actor, Swiss Film Prize 2019
Swiss German with English subtitles

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