GFF21 Madison: A Fast Friendship

About the film

Rating: ALL AGES
Runtime: 86 mins
For the ambitious 13-year-old Madison, cycling is everything. She is always trying to emulate her cool and successful cycle-pro father. But when the talented and ambitious young racer has to unwillingly swap saddles for a mountain bike in the Alps - things go haywire.
However, with the help of her new friends she starts discovering new goals. Can she find her own path away from cycle racing, the one that was predetermined for her? It's the start of a big adventure in this exciting debut film from director Kim Strobl.

OFFICAL SELECTION: Chicago International Children’s Film Festival 2020
OFFICAL SELECTION: CineKid Festival Amsterdam 2020
OFFICAL SELECTION: Just Film/Black Nights Film Festival 2020
OFFICAL SELECTION: Oulu International Children’s and Youth Film Festival 2020

Family / Middle School

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Thu Jun 3

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