GFF21 Nightlife

GFF21 Nightlife

GFF21 Nightlife

About the film

A wild comedy that launches at full speed, Nightlife is an entertaining romp about the misadventures of friends lost in the Berlin night.
On a night out bartender Milo (Elyas M‘Barek, also in this year’s The Collini Case) meets the woman of his dreams Sunny (Palina Rojinski, Welcome to Germany, Grandparenting 101 GER21) in a fateful moment and arranges to go on a date.
Everything seems to be running smoothly, but when Milo’s flatmate and chaotic childhood friend Renzo (Frederick Lau, also starring in The Perfect Secret) turns up, the romantic evening escalates into a mad chase through the city’s nightlife pursued by some underworld thugs. However, nothing will shake Milo and Sunny’s love if they can survive this date...
Punctuated by chase scenes and infused with a playful energy, director Simon Verhoeven's Nightlife moves from buddy comedy with a hint of romance, to gangster movie and adventure, as this far from perfect romantic evening is filled with a succession of misunderstandings, set against the landscape and agitation of Berlin at night.

“Carried by two excellent main players and vigorous second characters.” - Cineuropa

WINNER: Audience Award, Best Director, Best Film, Special Mention, Monte-Carlo Comedy Film Festival 2020
WINNER: Best Screenplay, Romy Gala Austria 2020
NOMINATED: Best Producer, Romy Gala 2020
WINNER: Ernst Lubitsch Award 2021
Release Date: Jun 2, 2021
Rating: E18+
Runtime: 110 mins

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