GFF21 The Perfect Secret

GFF21 The Perfect Secret

GFF21 The Perfect Secret

About the film

Three women, four men, seven phones, and the question: how well do these friends and couples really know each other?
When discussing honesty over dinner, seven friends decide to play a game: everyone puts their phone on the table and everything that comes in must be shared with the others. Messages are read aloud, phone calls are overheard, and every WhatsApp - no matter how small - is shown.
What starts out as harmless fun soon turns into an emotional mess - full of surprising twists and turns and delicate revelations. Because in the seemingly perfect circle of friends there are more secrets and lies than expected at the beginning of the game.
Inspired by the 2016 Italian film Perfect Strangers (Perfetti Sconosciuti) that has been adapted in numerous countries, this delightful comedy has smashed box offices in Germany featuring a star ensemble cast: Elyas M’Barek, Florian David Fitz, Jella Haase, Karoline Herfurth, Frederick Lau, Wotan Wilke Möhring and Jessica Schwarz.
With a deliciously biting German interpretation of the story, The Perfect Secret director Bora Dagtekin (Fack ju Göhte trilogy) explores how performance dominates our public lives.

“Amazing and recommendable through and through!” - Kino Film Welt

WINNER: Highest Grossing Film of the Year, German Film Awards 2020
WINNER: Film - National, Bambi Awards 2019
WINNER: Best Production, Bavarian Film Awards 2020
WINNER: Special Prize of the Academy, Romy Gala Austria 2020
Release Date: Jun 2, 2021
Rating: E18+
Runtime: 115 mins

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