Gospel According to Andre, The

PG 94 mins

About the film

Director: Kate Novack
Actors: André Leon Talley, Sean Combs
The Gospel According to André explores the life of legendary Vogue editor-at-large André Leon Talley.

Director Kate Novack paints an extraordinary portrait of the imposing six-and-a-half-foot high fashion iconoclast; from his proud but humble origins, growing up in Durham, North Carolina, in a tiny house with his grandmother, to college at Brown, and then on try his luck in New York City with the Andy Warhol set.

His meeting Vogue editor Anna Wintour led to a kind of mind-meld that resulted in truly groundbreaking creativity and success. 

Andre is keenly aware of the subtle and sometimes overt ways that racism and homophobia has followed him throughout his career; being mocked as “Queen Kong” by an employee of Saint Laurent’s, and the assumption that as a black man he must be sleeping his way through Paris in order to have the access he had.

What shines brighter is his intellect, work ethic and ability to contextualize fashion within history, literature, visual art and music.

Andre is fascinating to watch with his stature, his mannerisms, his flamboyance and his breathtaking collection of capes and his endless reserve of observations and memories. 

A wonderful documentary.  

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