Hunter Killer

MA15 121 mins

About the film

Release Date: Nov 1, 2018
Director: Donovan Marsh
Actors: Gary Oldman, Common ., Gerard Butler, Linda Cardellini, Toby Stephens
When the Russian president (Alexander Dyachenko) is kidnapped by a fanatical Russian defense minister (Mikhail Gorevoy), who hopes to make it look like America was responsible, World War III seems inevitable. Unless Commander Joe Glass (Scottish tough nut, Gerard Butler) can get his Hunter Killer class submarine close enough to the action to attempt a risky rescue mission.

So, it's up to Glass to save the day, with the assistance of a group of black-op commandos (their leader played by British actor Toby Stephens in uncommonly macho mode) and a rescued Russian sub commander (the late Michael Nyqvist, in his final screen role and to whom the film is partially dedicated).

And boy are we lucky to have Commander Joe Glass; he’s seen stuff (and not in a navel military classroom) he readily disobeys orders and will go rogue at any opportunity. Oooorah!

Watching from the peanut gallery some 5,000 miles away in the Pentagon, hawkish Admiral Charles Donnegan (Gary Oldman) and the more level-headed Rear Admiral John Fisk (Common), have no choice but to brace for World War III.

Hunter Killer is based on the military/thriller novel Firing Point, by George Wallace, a retired Navy submarine commander and the first Hollywood film for South African director Donovan Marsh.
The pace never flags. Nor does Gerard Butler’s fortitude. It’s a badass popcorn thrill ride. Take the plunge.

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