Johnny English Strikes Again

PG 89 mins

About the film

Release Date: Sep 20, 2018
Director: David Kerr
Actors: Emma Thompson, Rowan Atkinson
Remember Johnny English? Britain’s most inept secret agent is recalled from retirement in Johnny English Strikes Again. Starring the wonderful rubber faced Rowan Atkinson, the brilliant British master of controlled comedy, Johnny English is everything we love about British comedy.

This time around, England in peril. The Prime Minister (Emma Thompson – Love Actually, Saving Mr. Banks) is doing all she can to make herself popular when all of a sudden, she is in crisis as a cyber-attack on the Government sees all their MI-5 Agent’s identities exposed. Faced with no other options they are forced to call in retired agents such as the notorious Johnny English as the country's last hope. We're doomed!

While English and his in-field partner Bough (Ben Miller – Paddington 2, What We Did On Our Holidays) bumble their way to finding out facts as they challenge the very beautiful Ophelia (Olga Kurylenko – Hitman, Oblivion) while the Prime Minister recruits tech-whiz Jason (Jake Lacy – Rampage, Carol) to try and solve all of their cyber-attack issues.

Aided by talented screenwriter William Davies, who is the man behind great comedy films like How To Train Your Dragon, Puss In Boots and Twins, and director David Kerr (Inside No. 9, Fresh Meat) Atkinson is able to deliver what he does best – some completely outrageous sight gags and skits. Oh Johnny.

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