Judas and the Black Messiah

About the film

Release Date: Mar 11, 2021
Rating: MA15
Runtime: 126 mins
Director: Shaka King
Actors: Daniel Kaluuya, LaKeith Stanfield

FBI informant William O’Neal LaKeith Stanfield) infiltrates the Illinois Black Panther Party and is tasked with keeping tabs on their charismatic leader, Chairman Fred Hampton (Daniel Kaluuya A career thief, O’Neal revels in the danger of manipulating both his comrades and his handler, Special Agent Roy Mitchell (Jesse Plemons) Hampton’s political prowess grows just as he’s falling in love with fellow revolutionary Deborah Johnson (Dominique Fishback)

Meanwhile, a battle wages for O’Neal’s soul Will he align with the forces of good? Or subdue Hampton and The Panthers by any means, as FBI Director J Edgar Hoover (Martin Sheen) commands?

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