M 102 mins

About the film

Release Date: Aug 30, 2018
Director: Jonathan Baker
Actors: James Franco, Jack Reynor
The impressive feature debut of Australian twins Jonathan and Josh Baker – an expansion of their 2014 short film Bag Man) – "Kin" mixes the bonds of brotherhood with a road movie, coming-of-age adventure, western, crime mystery and sci-fi. That may sound a little cluttered but this mash up works surprisingly well.

What looks like postapocalyptic Detroit, 14-year-old Eli (new-comer Myles Truitt) scavenges for scrap metal in the city’s abandoned buildings and discovers the carnage of an otherworldly war, and alongside the fallen soldiers, an automatic weapon of immense power.
Eli has had it pretty rough - he was adopted by his parents as a young child, but his mother has recently passed away, leaving his tough but loving dad Hal (Dennis Quaid) to care for him as best he can. The ray gun becomes the perfect defence when Eli and his ex-con older brother (Jack Reynor) are forced to go on the run in order to escape a local criminal lowlife (James Franco) and his goons. Problem is, the weapon’s use points its alien owners to its location and they want their gun back.

Kin is stylish and unpredictable. Shot in desaturated colours it kind of has a cool 1970’s vibe. The score by Scottish band Mogwai heightens the tangled feelings of dread and mystery.

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