King of Thieves

M 108 mins

About the film

Release Date: Feb 28, 2019
Director: James Marsh
Actors: Michael Gambon, Michael Caine, Charlie Cox
Sir Michael Caine leads a cast of home-grown stars in this darkly funny and incredibly true caper about the unlikely gang of retirees that pulled off the Hatton Garden jewellery heist of 2015. This is not a gang of loveable old rogues, the robbers here are a very unpleasant bunch indeed, but boy are they great to watch and they’re being played by some of Britain’s best-loved and most familiar screen actors (Michael Caine, Tom Courtenay, Jim Broadbent, Ray Winstone, Paul Whitehouse and Michael Gambon).

From The Theory of Everything’s James Marsh, the film tells the story of the epic multi-million-pound robbery initially believed to be undertaken by a gang of super-thieves. In a twist that captured the imagination of Britain, the actual perpetrators were revealed to be a group of tough-guy retired criminals in their late 60s and 70s — with their type 2 diabetes, bad knees and replacement hips — who were mostly unoccupied and bored, until they consulted a bunch of how-to books and figured out a way to pull off one last hurrah over a long weekend in April 2015 and made off with allegedly over £200 million worth of loot.
With no actual record of what was stored in the vault the true value of the stolen goods will never be known, but one fact is in no doubt – this was the biggest heist in UK history.

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