About the film

Release Date: Dec 1, 2019
Rating: E
Runtime: 165 mins
Director: Sir David McVicar
Actors: Lisette Oropesa, Fabio Sartori
New Production! Celebrated director Sir David McVicar and conductor Michele Mariotti team for this new La Scala production of Verdi’s stirring and exuberant early work. Created the same year as Macbeth, and based on a play by Friedrich Schiller, I masnadieri ('The Robbers') is a story of criminality and conscience, centring on brotherly rivalry. Carlo (Fabio Sartori) has been denounced after joining a gang of thieves, yet yearns to make amends with his father, Count Moor (the great Michele Pertusi) and marry his true love Amalia (rising star Lisette Oropesa, making her La Scala debut). But Carlo’s younger, 'Iago-like' brother Francesco (Massimo Cavalletti) has other ideas, plotting to gain not only his father’s wealth and power, but also Amalia’s hand.
Captured live from Teatro alla Scala, Milan, 18 Jun 2019.

Sung in Italian, with English subtitles.

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