LIFF18 As Needed

MA15 92 mins

About the film

Director: Francesco Falaschi
Actors: Vinicio Marchioni, Valeria Solarino
In this heartfelt all-Tuscan comedy from the writers of Tale of Tales (LIFF15) and Perfect Strangers (LIFF16), Arturo, a talented chef with a troubled past is sentenced to teach a cooking class for young people.
Venice Film Festival award-winner Vinicio Marchioni (20 Cigarettes, LIFF11) stars as Arturo, a 40-year-old world-famous chef with anger management issues. For his community service, he is assigned to run a cooking class at a centre for young people with autism. There he meets youth worker Anna (Festival Guest Valeria Solarino). Among the class is also Guido, (newcomer Luigi Fedele), a 20-year-old who has Asperger’s syndrome and a great passion for cooking.
After an opportunity arises for Guido to participate in a culinary contest, Arturo is to accompany him as his mentor. In between driving lessons, tense competition and basking in the dazzling Tuscan countryside, a friendship is formed between the pair that will change both their lives.

“A simple and delicious comedy like a plate of spaghetti with tomato sauce.” – Nonsolocinema

WINNER: Graziella Bonacchi Award for Best Emerging Actor, Nastri d’Arento Awards 2018

Italian with English subtitles

Show Times

Fri Sep 28
Wed Oct 10

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