LIFF18 Couples Therapy for Cheaters

R18+ 97 mins

About the film

Director: Alessio Maria Federici
Actors: Ambra Angiolini, Pietro Sermonti
What happens if it’s not a married couple that goes to a marriage counsellor but a pair of cheaters? In this new comedy from the director of Unique Brothers (LIFF15) and Stay Away From Me (LIFF14) an incredulous therapist risks losing his professional clarity of mind, when a pair of clandestine lovers asks him to save their relationship!
Viviana (Ambra Angiolini, Saturn in Opposition LIFF07) and Modesto (Pietro Sermonti, Let Yourself Go! LIFF17 Opening Night) are married ... but not to each other. Reckless and in love, Viviana and Modesto are bound by an uncontrollable passion. Viviana is a spirited and dynamic woman who isn’t sure if she wants to remain lovers or if she wants something more. Modesto is a musician, always ready with a joke, and would prefer to lead a double life forever than to throw himself into a second marriage. To resolve this dilemma, Viviana drags Modesto to a marriage counsellor.
The therapist is shocked to suddenly find himself in the middle of a dramatic yet ridiculous skirmish, but he decides to help them anyway to understand their feelings and deal with their fear of following true love.

“A unique perspective…an intriguing analysis of life and love.” – Movie Struckers

Italian with English subtitles

Show Times

Fri Sep 28
Thu Oct 11

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