LIFF18 Just Believe

R18+ 100 mins

About the film

Director: Alessandro Aronadio
Actors: Edoardo Leo, Margherita Buy
Italian star Edoardo Leo (Perfect Strangers LIFF16) co-writes and Venice Film Festival award-winner Alessandro Aronadio directs this standout comedy about the power of believing – in yourself!
Just Believe follows Massimo Alberti (Leo), the owner of the “Miracolo Italiano” (The Italian Miracle), a bed and breakfast now reduced to a dilapidated building. Too few customers and too many taxes. One day, Massimo has an epiphany: in order to survive, he has to transform the B&B into a place of worship - where he will host tourists in exchange for a donation. After trying and failing to get into the more or less restricted circles of Catholicism, Judaism and Islam in a series of hilarious meetings, Massimo decides to create his own religion.
Assisted by his accountant sister Adriana (Margherita Buy, Mia Madre LIFF15) and his ex-wife’s quasi-guru boyfriend Marco (Giuseppe Battiston, also in The Last Prosecco, Perfect Strangers LIFF16), “Selfism” is born. The first religion that puts the “I” at the centre of the universe, and of course absolves all taxes. Get ready to convert!

"Jokes that make you go from sardonic smile to full laughter…a funny and profound comedy.” – Rolling Stone Italy

NOMINATED: Best Actor in a Comedy, Best Original Story - Nastri d’Argento Awards 2018

Italian with English subtitles

Show Times

Sun Sep 23
Wed Oct 10
Fri Oct 12

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