Louis Theroux: Love Without Limits, Premiere Event

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About the film

Release Date: Dec 1, 2018
Actors: Louis Theroux
The high priest of the documentary is back in his favourite hunting ground – middle America, and he’s got some new friends he’d like you to meet.

For hundreds of years, romantic relationships in Western society have been based on the idea of monogamy: two people, together, forever. But with nearly half of all US marriages ending in divorce, perhaps the traditional model is no longer fit for purpose (there, I’ve said it).

In Love Without Limits, Louis travels to Portland, Oregon, the heart of a movement seeking to re-write the rule book on how we conduct intimate relationships and experience family life.

Portland, whose city motto is Keep Portland Weird, is seen as the US capital of polyamory and ethical non-monogamy, the practice of openly and transparently having multiple relationships that go further than just sex. It all sounds a little exhausting really.

Theroux is an Englishman abroad; in a faraway land of multiple partners. We do love the Theroux style; a polite, fumbling, uptight, bespectacled Englishman dithering indirectly around asking ‘anyway, how’s your sex life?

Congrats to these people with multiple partners. I can’t even get a date, let alone have 3 boyfriends at the same time.

The premiere documentary will be followed by an exclusive filmed interview to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Weird Weekends. This exclusive interview special gives fans a chance to revel and reminisce in the nuances that make Theroux’s films so entertaining.

Warning: Do not watch this film with your parents.

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