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Release Date: Oct 18, 2019
Director: Ian Bonhôte
In their unmissable documentary McQueen, directors Ian Bonhôte and Peter Ettedgui pay tribute to fashion’s bad boy done good.
Born Lee Alexander McQueen (he dropped ‘Lee’ because Alexander ‘sounded posher’), he was the son of an East End cabby and left school at 16. As a teen, he began knocking on Savile Row doors in search of an apprenticeship, wowing amused couturiers with his cutting and tailoring skills, and eventually earning a place at the venerable Central St. Martin’s art college.

A true visionary who transcended the fashion world to become an internationally recognised artist, his runway shows could pass as performance art, and his collections were often chic and shocking all at once. We witness his unlikely enthronement at Givenchy, in Paris; the move to Gucci; the liposuction, the beloved dogs, the drugs; and the horror of his demise.

McQueen’s story plays out chronically using archived footage at work and at play. Frank personal testimonies from family, friends and colleagues tells the story of a tortured artist who rises from obscurity only to be crushed under the weight of success.

McQueen is a staggeringly beautiful piece of filmmaking featuring an incredibly emotive musical score by long-time collaborator Michael Nyman.

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