Mile 22

MA15 94 mins

About the film

Release Date: Aug 30, 2018
Director: Peter Berg
Actors: Mark Wahlberg, John Malkovich, Lauren Cohan
The boys are back with some high-pitched action drama and there might well be an explosion (or two) and some dirty double crossing, a few close calls and mad dash from here to there.

Mark Wahlberg and director Peter Berg reunite (this is will be #4) for an action flick about a CIA unit that must transport an asset to safety under deadly circumstances.

James Silva (Mark Wahlberg) is a walking-talking lethal weapon in an elite CIA task force that works with the intelligence team Overwatch led by “Bishop” (John Malkovich) who oversees a team of specialists.

Sixteen months after a domestic mission that went south, Silva and his team are in a fictional country in Southeast Asia trying to find a deadly chemical agent. In walks Li Noor (Iko Uwais), a local officer with information on where to find the chemical agent. Thank god.

Except, he’ll only give up its location if Silva and his team escort Li to an airfield and give him asylum in America. Faced with no other options, Silva and his team must make the 22-mile journey from the embassy to the airfield and get Li on the plane safely. Ahhh I get it now.

Unfortunately, a team of Russian hackers have hacked into Overwatch and are on the plane too. So as you might imagine, the 22-mile journey does not go as planned.

This is grade A, high-adrenaline action cinema.

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