Never Too Late

About the film

Release Date: Apr 23, 2020
Rating: M
Runtime: 95 mins
Director: Mark Lamprell
Actors: Shane Jacobson, Jacki Weaver, James Cromwell, Jack Thompson, Dennis Waterman
It's The Great Escape meets Grumpy Old Men in Mark Lamprell’s Never Too Late when four war buddies are faced with a new mission: to break out of their nursing home.

Having survived a Vietnamese POW camp, the ex-military men nicknamed, ‘The Chain Breakers’, reveal the spirit of rebellion is never age-specific. Featuring a stunning ensemble cast of actors who are all over 70 years old – Oscar-nominees Jacki Weaver and James Cromwell next to Jack Thompson, Roy Billing, and Minder's Dennis Waterman – each has a dream to chase, and nursing home walls won’t stand in their way.

A delightful tale of love, friendship and determination, senior citizenship is no barrier for these rowdy larrikins who refuse to back down when it comes to achieving their dreams.

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