NT Live: I'm Not Running

E 160 mins

About the film

Release Date: Feb 28, 2019
Director: David Hare
Actors: Siân Brooke, Alex Hassell
I’m Not Running is an explosive new play by David Hare who was recently described by The Washington Post as ‘the premiere political dramatist writing in English’. His other work includes Pravda and Skylight, broadcast by National Theatre Live in 2014.
It's set in 2018, albeit with lots of flashbacks from 1997 (the year of the Blair landslide) onward. Pauline Gibson is a junior doctor, who becomes the face of a campaign to save her local hospital. She’s thrust from angel of the NHS, to becoming an independent MP.
In the Houses of Parliament, she crosses paths with her university boyfriend, Jack Gould, a stalwart Labour loyalist, climbing the ranks of the party.
What gives the play its emotional power is the fact that that this were fraught lovers back in their Uni days. Temporal leaps backwards show us Pauline Gibson, played with a fine intensity and mocking elusiveness by Sian Brooke, reading medicine and Law student Jack Gould (excellent Alex Hassell) in the throes of 20 something passion and personal chaos.
As media and public pressure mounts on Pauline to run for leadership of the Labour party, she faces an agonising decision as these two acrimonious contenders for the Labour Leadership spit venom at each other as the personal and political become forever entwined.
What’s involved in sacrificing your private life and your peace of mind for something more than a single issue? Does she dare?

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