Nun, The

MA15 96 mins

About the film

Release Date: Sep 6, 2018
Director: Corin Hardy
Actors: Taissa Farmiga
Directed by Corin Hardy on the back of his stylish Irish debut The Hallow, The Nun is the latest installment in the shared cinematic universe of The Conjuring films and their spooky spinoffs.

Starring Demián Bichir and Taissa Farmiga, this creepy horror focuses on Valak, the demon who first showed up in The Conjuring 2 in the form of a sinister nun who has it in for the Warrens.

The movie begins two decades before Ed and Lorraine Warren’s paranormal investigations, in 1952 Romania where a nun hangs herself after a brush with the forces of darkness. A Catholic priest (Demián Bichir) with a sideline in exorcisms enlists the help of nun in training Sister Irene (Taissa Farmiga, playing a character seemingly unrelated to her sister Vera's Lorraine Warren) to investigate.
Aiding them on their quest into the increasingly macabre is a young French-Canadian (Jonas Bloquet) living inexplicably in Romania, who had originally discovered the first nun’s apparent suicide and they soon find themselves up to their armpits in spectral nuns as Valak plots its escape.

But, there’s no escaping this unholy entity.

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