Opera de Paris: LA TRAVIATA

About the film

Release Date: Nov 17, 2019
Rating: E
Runtime: 190 mins
Director: Simon Stone
Actors: Benjamin Bernheim, Pretty Yende
New Production! By beginning his 1853 opera with a prelude for strings of unprecedented economy of means, Verdi affirmed his intention of defying conventions and norms. This is not the least radical aspect of his Traviata”, which implacably strips bare the violence of a society that promotes worldly pleasures only to sacrifice an innocent woman, Violetta Valéry (here the radiant soprano Pretty Yende), on the altar of bourgeois morality. Australian director Simon Stone delights in grappling with the major works of the repertoire, enticing them into more intimate territory. One of today’s most distinguished stage directors, he now makes his long- awaited debut at the Paris Opera, with the exciting Michele Mariotti on the podium.

Captured live from Palais Garnier, Paris, 24 Sep 2019.

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