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Release Date: Oct 24, 2019
Rating: PG
Runtime: 97 mins
Director: Nick Conidi
Actors: Nathan Primmer, Paul Mercurio, Tina Arena
Featuring a stellar Australian-Italian cast, including Antoniette Iesue, Paul Mercurio and Tina Arena, this is a romantic drama that is certain to hit home.
In 1953, five year-old Robert and newborn Angela are promised in marriage by their fathers, Sal and Joe. Angela’s mother died in childbirth, and Angela’s father Sal is indebted to the influential Joe and Maria Prima – a couple tied to the mafia, who are the only reason Angela is still alive.
Fast forward to 1974, and Angela (Iesue) is now a beautiful, intelligent and a modern young lady whose aspirations lie well beyond the family pastry shop. Robert (Daniel Berini), now 25, has just returned home after studying law abroad at Oxford. Despite changing times, fading traditions and Angela’s love for another man, she is still expected to marry Robert. But a web of secrets, lies and revelations will teach everyone involved that love, like life, can never be perfectly arranged.

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