Romeo and Juliet: Beyond Words

About the film

Release Date: Oct 11, 2020
Rating: E
Runtime: 93 mins
Experience the stars of The Royal Ballet, renowned as the world’s superior actor-dancers, in a groundbreaking reimagining of the best-known love story of all time.

As members of the feuding Capulet and Montague families, Romeo and Julie should be sworn enemies, but they fall deeply in love and marry in secret. That very day, disastrous circumstances lead Romeo to fight Juliet’s cousin Tybalt, setting off a chain of events that culminate in tragedy… It’s a story everyone knows, but it’s never been told quite like this.

Featuring the current generation of stars of The Royal Ballet, led by William Bracewell as Romeo and Francesca Hayward at Juliet in their feature film debuts, Emma award-winning fimmakers Michael Nunn and William Trevitt restage and direct Sir Kenneth MacMillan’s remarkable choreography – taking it out of the theatre and onto the streets – in an audacious first in contemporary filmmaking.

The score, a unique version of Prokofiev’s original, was recorded at AIR Studios in Hampstead, London, with the Orchestra of the Royal Opera House. The 85 players were conducted by renowned Royal Opera House Music Director Koen Kessels.

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