SCA19 The Keeper of Lost Causes

MA15 92 mins

About the film

Release Date: Jul 18, 2019
Director: Mikkel Norgaard
Actors: Fares Fares, Nikolaj Lie Kaas
Scripted by Nikolaj Arcel (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo) and based on the international bestselling crime-thriller of the same title, this is slick Danish suspense at its best. When homicide detective Morck (Kaas) and his partner Assad (Fares) begin work on the disappearance case of a female politician which was ruled a suicide, they uncover evidence that suggests otherwise and delve into a full-blown investigation. As Carl and Assad proceed to unravel the shocking truth behind the mystery, they are forced to put their differences aside as the case becomes a breathless race against time.

“A highly watchable and engrossing addition to the string of recent Nordic Noir crime films…” SCREEN DAILY

Danish with English subtitles

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