Sixteen Legs

CTC 120 mins

About the film

Release Date: May 2, 2019
Director: Niall Doran
Actors: Mark Gatiss, Kate Miller-Heidke, Neil Gaiman, Stephen Fry, Tara Moss
Journey into a world like no other, overseen by still-living giant prehistoric spiders the size of dinner plates seeking kinky love in the dark. Meet animals that outlasted the dinosaurs, survived the splitting of the continents and that have endured the entirety of human civilisation in Australia’s deepest caves.

Explore a world of twisted beauty, haven to a variety of weird inhabitants but hostile to others. This is a place full of weird animals and unusual rock formations, and where surface dwellers may drown in the very air itself.

Award-winning 4K cinematography beautifully showcases one of the world's most spectacular wildernesses in this real-world “Charlotte’s Web”.

“A playful, stunning documentary... as epically gorgeous as it is fantastically artful.”
– EdhatReview, Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

“A beautiful nature documentary, expertly presented... a masterful feat captured with resonance!”
– True/False Film Festival.

“Your story brought a charming, creative and delightfully humanizing dimension to spiders which audiences enjoyed immensely.”
– Session Chair, Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History (DC).

“I don’t think it could ever be said that the work of Attenborough will at any point be irrelevant –but, like all art, there is always room for adaptation and imagination. SIXTEEN LEGS arguably does just that.”
– Wild Melbourne Review, Melbourne test screening of the rough cut.

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