SPA21 The Goya Murders

SPA21 The Goya Murders

SPA21 The Goya Murders

About the film

El asesino de los caprichos

Bringing a Spanish art history angle to the familiar serial killer trope, The Goya Murders presents a thrilling whodunnit with two starkly different female investigators, Carmen and Eva, on the hunt for a psychopath.

Carmen (Maribel Verdú, Y Tu Mamá También Closing Night SFF19) is tough: a hardboiled, heavy drinking, burnt-out police detective who – with her new, inexperienced partner, Eva – is pulled into a murder investigation unlike any other, with the bodies starting to pile up and no real clues to help.

Pressure mounts due to the profile of the elite victims, and the two women are bamboozled by what could be the motive behind the striking signature of the killer’s crimes. Each murder scene is a careful, painstakingly constructed re-enactment of a scene from Francisco Goya’s famous Los caprichos series of prints from the late 18th century.

Desperate to stop the killings before they are faced with another grotesque murder scene, these awkward partners will have to put their differences aside to stop a killer who taunts them with art insight and intellect.

“A reliable and entertaining thriller.” - Fotogramas
Release Date: Apr 27, 2021
Rating: E18+
Runtime: 97 mins

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